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March 23, 2024
8.00 am to 3.30 pm


Special Olympics Athletes from around the region.


As a worldwide organization of many faiths, we believe in the power of prayer and the positive impact of community involvement.

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The Special Olympics mission remains as vital today as it did when the movement was founded in 1968. Special Olympics strives to create a better world by fostering the acceptance and inclusion of all people.

Five Decades of Empowerment

Through the power of sports, people with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities, skills, and success. Our athletes find joy, confidence, and fulfillment—on the playing field and in life.

They also inspire people in their communities and elsewhere to open their hearts to a wider world of human talents and potential. There are as many as 200 million people with intellectual disabilities worldwide. Our goal is to reach out to every one of them—and their families as well.

The Power to Transform Lives

The transformative power of sports to instill confidence, improve health, and inspire a sense of competition is at the core of what Special Olympics does. 

In Special Olympics, the power and joy of sport shifts focus to what our athletes CAN do, not what they can’t. Attention to disabilities fades away. Instead, we see our athletes’ talents and abilities—and applaud them for all they can do.

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Our Mission for Montgomery County


Our athletes find joy, confidence, and fulfillment—on the playing field and in life. Our mission is to continue to grow the same and our local support.

  • Become a sponsor to gain Local Exposure for a good cause

  • Create a Team Building Activity and volunteer game day!

  • Donate to sponsor and support Athletes.

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What People Are Saying

Denis Gagnon - testimonial - Kiwanis-the-woodlands

“It has been an honor and privilege serving the children of Montgomery County. Through High School Key Clubs or our “Hey Buddy!” Bear Program, helping kids grow and succeed, is at the heart of everything we do.”

Denis Gagnon

Ready to help children and families in our community? Ready to change the world? Kiwanis is ready for you! Altogether, more than 7,000 clubs make Kiwanis a powerful force for serving children and improving lives.

Kathleen Buckland

Special Olympics found in 1968 with the primary goal of accepting and welcoming individuals as they are. Our club continues the tradition of bringing the brightest athletes together to champion their success!

Royce Brooks