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Scholarships are an AMAZING way to help you pay for college because the money you earn through scholarships does not ever need to be repaid. Despite this, most students make the mistake of waiting to apply for scholarships until the end of their senior year in high school, if not later, and miss out on many great opportunities. Get started today!

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Graduating students pursuing a four-year college, technical school, or business school are eligible to apply.

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While striving to achieve a high-class ranking, that shouldn’t be your only goal. Get involved in extracurriculars, develop leadership qualities, and build relationships with teachers who can write recommendations for you. Ultimately, your class rank will become a small component of your college applications.

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Dedicate yourself to the students of Montgomery County! Volunteers play a pivotal role at the Collegeand Career Centers, working with the school guidance staff to advise students across all grade levels.

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As a worldwide organization of many faiths, we believe in the power of prayer and the positive impact of community involvement.